About CTI

Cascade Thermal Imaging, Inc. is an infrared inspection organization with over 11 years’ experience conducting Professional Non-Invasive infrared (IR) electrical systems inspections for commercial, industrial, manufacturing facilities, colleges and universities, sub stations, water treatment facilities, food and beverage production plants, churches, data centers, medical facilities, as well as IR roof leak surveys, IR building envelope surveys, moisture intrusion and energy efficiency IR surveys.

We have significantly reduced or eliminated down time, reduced risk, improved safety, and enhanced the life cycle of equipment inventory for many of our customers’ and saved them substantial amounts of both Time & Money.

Our infrared roof leak surveys, building envelop efficiency, building integrity inspections, and moisture intrusion surveys have proven to be critically important for the prioritization of required remediation procedures of such problems. (See some customer reviews - http://cascadethermal.com/testimonials.php)

Larry D. Stratton President and Founder, started Cascade Thermal Imaging, Inc. in 2005. Larry is a Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer #10846 and has established one of the most respected thermal imaging companies in the U.S.

Professional Thermography Providing The Highest Quality Infrared Inspection Services is Our Goal

Our professional approach and our services are founded on our organizational value system of “Striving for Excellence & Exceeding Our Customers’ Expectations” providing them with:

  • Level-III Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographers
  • An IR inspection organization that is committed to Ongoing Training & Safety Programs
  • Inspections and Reports per Published Industry Standards
  • An IR inspection organization that is NFPA 70E Arc-Flash Compliant
  • Reports produced utilizing one of/if not the finest Infrared Database Management Software Program within the industry.

Cascade Thermal Imaging, Inc. provides Predictive Maintenance Services To:

  • Property Management Companies
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Large and Small Industrial Sites
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
  • Roof Consultants & Contractors
  • Engineering & Architectural Firms
  • Local & Regional Government Agencies, Utilities & School Boards
  • Real Estate Management Companies
  • Real Estate Brokers & Agents – Commercial/Residential

Why Should You Hire CTI?

  • We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations on each and every inspection
  • We deliver exceptional services and provide comprehensive, professional infrared inspections and reports in a friendly, respectful and timely fashion
  • CTI electrical inspection will satisfy your annual insurance requirements
  • All work is performed by Certified Thermographers who are also experienced electricians
  • Each of CTI’s Thermographers has at least five years of field experience and attends annual contactor’s safety courses and continued IR education seminars
  • We use the finest, top of the line (FLIR & FLUKE), high performance radiometric thermal imaging cameras available in the industry
  • You will receive an accurate and complete inventory list and the test status of each piece of equipment inspected during your infrared inspection
  • CTI uses InspecTrendTM Best Practice Infrared PdM Inspection Software on all IR electrical inspections
  • Our IR reports are delivered digitally via Adobe PDF and our electrical IR reports are also hosted on our Secure Web Hosting Server for your 24/7 convenience (CD Rom and full-color hard copy reports are available

The Advantages of Hiring CTI

  • CTI is extremely competitive and offers a more comprehensive infrared inspection and reporting system than many of the other organizations within the industry
  • CTI uses top of the line high performance radiometric thermal imaging cameras
  • Infrared training courses to become a Thermographer are also very expensive and CTI’s Thermographers are already trained, certified and available today to be of service to you
  • Our thermographers offer you over 15 years experience in commercial and residential building inspections and state of the art equipment
  • Costs for contracted services are fixed and can be budgeted
  • Very little in-house paperwork and support services are needed to have CTI perform your inspection
  • No camera and training costs are necessary
  • CTI’s contracted services are all inclusive; supplying inspection and IR reports
  • CTI’s contracted services can be used as an auditing tool for in-house programs
  • CTI’s contracted services can be used in a support role to help under-staffed in-house programs
  • CTI uses InspecTrendTM Best Practice Infrared PdM Inspection Software which is the finest IR reporting software in the industry.

CTI’s Foundational Business Philosophy:

Whatever the infrared inspection project, no one wants that nagging background question; How much is this going to cost? You’ll never need to worry about going over budget with Cascade Thermal Imaging, Inc. We work with guaranteed maximum pricing. You’ll always know what your costs are up front.

Commitment to Your IR Requirements:

You are asking us to fulfill an important aspect of your predictive maintenance program. That’s a big responsibility, and it’s why we make such a big deal about paying attention to the details. It’s also why we take the time to develop strong lines of communication with you and with every person involved with your IR inspection. If you ever have a question or concern, you’ll know we’re ready to address it immediately.

Cornerstones for Quality:

You can count on Cascade Thermal Imaging to be approachable and respectful from beginning to end. Honesty, integrity, approachability, flexibility and striving to exceed our customers’ expectations are the cornerstones we put into every project.

Add Infrared Inspections to your Predictive Maintenance Program

Infrared inspections and follow-up corrections are very cost effective and from a predictive maintenance (PdM) and safety standpoint infrared inspections are the most cost effective and efficient way to eliminate downtime saving both time and money.

You will also satisfy your insurance requirements, most likely qualify for discounts on your premiums, reduce safety hazards before they become serious and costly and be provided with a compelling “Cost/Benefit Analysis” for any and all identified problems.

We have yet to meet a Facilities Engineer who, when presented with the benefits that infrared inspections offer, did not see this extraordinary value.