For nearly a decade we have specialized in Non-Invasive infrared inspections utilizing our Top of The Line infrared camera equipment which has significantly reduced or eliminated down time for our customers’ and saved them substantial amounts of both Time & Money. Our IR inspections enhance our customers’ predictive maintenance programs and provide them with the data required to schedule repairs, perform maintenance and/or make important investment decisions.

Infrared inspections also offer you a look at the “hidden” state of your structures, buildings and equipment; enabling you to assess the energy efficiency and condition of properties, operational condition of machinery, mechanical & electrical systems, and the energy efficiency of your home and much more.

With our top of the line imaging technology you will gain valuable knowledge from visual information as well as documentation and detailed reports.

Cascade Thermal Imaging, Inc offers the unique benefit of IR inspections conducted by Highly Experienced ITC Certified Thermographers & Licensed Electricians with over 15 years experience in commercial and residential building inspections.

~Covering Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska~