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Infrared Inspections
Electrical & Mechanical Systems

Our Goal Is To Exceed Your Expectations And Become A Trusted And Valued Resource

Electrical Systems
Infrared & Acoustic Imaging Inspection Services

Cascade Thermal Imaging leverages cutting-edge infrared and acoustic imaging technologies, backed by 20 years of full-time experience, to support our customers in advancing their predictive maintenance efforts. By helping eliminate unexpected maintenance and repairs, we save our clients substantial time and money.

Our goal is to empower customers to focus on eliminating defects and achieving “Enhanced Reliability” in their electrical and mechanical equipment. We provide insights into potential issues that could lead to unexpected electrical outages or mechanical failures, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing enhanced reliability. Early detection of defective equipment is crucial for achieving "Enhanced Reliability", which in turn contributes to “Enhanced Safety.”

Through our infrared and acoustic imaging inspections, we offer a vision of your equipment and structures that goes beyond the capabilities of the human eye. We aim to become a trusted and valued resource for all our customers.

The Importance of Equipment Trending Analysis:

“The primary benefit of including a thermographic survey in a preventative maintenance program is the ability to monitor thermal trends over time. However, infrared reports often fall short, by not including necessary information required to understand historical trends. This information is necessary for the electrical equipment manufacturer to assist the customer with evaluating equipment operational concerns.”

Insurance companies often require visual proof that you have been properly managing and maintaining your equipment over time before they honor a claim. They might ask: "Can you, (Their Customer), provide visual evidence of your ongoing equipment maintenance inspections?"

We give you that visual proof.

Our comprehensive electrical systems infrared and acoustic imaging inspections provide you with:

  • A “Predictive Maintenance” capability that helps you develop “Enhanced Reliability” of your electrical/mechanical system assets.
  • The necessary information required to understand historical trends of your equipment.
  • The insight into the condition and functionality of your equipment and systems.
  • The capability to assess operational concerns with your equipment, preventing crisis management and minimizing downtime.
  • The most comprehensive and finest infrared & acoustic imaging (ultrasound) inspections and reports in the industry.

What We Do

Electrical Inspections IR
Electrical Inspections

Electrical Inspections

Offering the highest quality infrared inspections and reports for electrical and mechanical systems in the Northwest.

Mechanical Inspections

Our technology and expertise provide insight into potential mechanical failures, enabling you to plan for repairs proactively.

Power Systems Analyses

We deploy highly-experienced technicians to conduct power systems analyses for companies across various industries.


“CTI provided us a detailed report within only a few minutes of finishing the scan. This efficiency in producing an accurate and detailed technical report so rapidly enabled our technicians and the electricians to order parts, get them on site, repair the problem and get the plant back up within a couple of hours. Their top-notch equipment, the Aspect reporting software and high level of skills were such a big help to our company in finding and fixing the problem.”

Gabriel Writer
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