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Electrical Inspections

We Provide You With The Vision Of Your Equipment Beyond The Capabilities Of The Human Eye

Via High Resolution Infrared Technology

Infrared imagery and data that reveal potential equipment failures before they become costly problems

Our electrical systems' infrared inspections offer “Predictive Maintenance” capabilities, enhanced by our advanced ASPECT IR inspection and reporting software. Integrated with leading CMMS platforms like MPulse, MindSphere and GE Predix, this streamlines maintenance processes, management and planning for improved performance and efficiency.

Our IR inspection team exceeds industry standards, ensuring superior quality and reliability, and our proprietary infrared inspection and reporting software sets us apart, surpassing industry norms and specifically meeting insurance industry needs.

Including a thermographic survey in your preventive/predictive maintenance program is the primary benefit that allows monitoring of thermal trends over time, crucial for equipment performance evaluation (Schneider Electric Data Bulletin – Infrared Thermographic Inspection Guidelines – 0110DB0302R6/04). Cascade Thermal Imaging provides comprehensive historical trending capabilities on all infrared inspections, delivering essential insights into equipment functionality trends.

Persons Performing Infrared Inspections Require Special Training, Certification And -- Most Importantly -- Experience!

The credibility, expertise and experience of our Infraspection Institute Certified Level III Thermographers® have helped our customers avoid equipment damage, reduce fire risk, improve safety, acquire discounts on insurance premiums and save millions of dollars in unplanned outages and downtime.

Our advanced infrared technologies, combined with extensive experience in installing and inspecting commercial electrical systems, ensure our inspections are of the highest caliber. Our detailed reports, backed by thorough analysis and a commitment to cost-saving recommendations and clear communication, guarantee uncompromised service for commercial and industrial electrical systems. Additionally, our high-resolution infrared cameras enable thorough inspections of both electrical and mechanical systems.

avoid equipment damage
avoid equipment damage

Electrical Infrared Inspections Cover A Variety Of Applications

Electrical Infrared Inspections
Electrical Infrared Inspections
  • Large & small industrial sites
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Petrochemical facilities & refineries
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Aerospace industry manufacturers & parts suppliers
  • U. S. Naval vessel electrical inspection & maintenance
  • Forestry industry mills & hardwood suppliers
  • Food, beverage & agriculture facilities
  • Property management companies
  • Commercial real estate management companies
  • Hospitals & healthcare facilities
  • School boards & universities
  • Local & regional government agencies & utilities
  • Construction, engineering & architectural firms
  • Data centers
  • Distribution centers