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Vision Beyond The Capabilities Of The Human Eye Via Infrared Technology

At Cascade Thermal Imaging (CTI), we help you avoid costly and unexpected maintenance and repairs, eliminating downtime and saving you significant time and money. Using high-resolution infrared technology, we provide a vision of your equipment and structures that goes beyond the capabilities of the human eye.

We provide insights into potential issues that could lead to electrical outages, mechanical breakdowns or costly structural repairs. Using advanced, high-resolution FLIR infrared camera technology, we predict failures to help you proactively plan maintenance and protect your equipment, systems and structures.

Our Goal Is To Exceed Your Expectations And Become A Trusted And Valued Resource

Our highly skilled and experienced thermographers use high-performance thermal imagers to identify electrical, mechanical and structural failures now, so you don’t experience disruption of electrical systems, mechanical equipment or structural failures in the future. This predictive maintenance capability translates into enhanced reliability, increased efficiency and significant cost savings for you.

At CTI we are in the business of identifying the unforeseen potential problems that are undetectable by the human eye, thus predicting the future – so you can protect yours!

We combine on-site infrared inspection field work with the industry's finest, most powerful database reporting software (ASPECT by EXSERO Software, Inc.), delivering comprehensive, unparalleled infrared reports within 72 hours of inspection completion – guaranteed!

Lawrence D. Stratton
President & CEO

We Provide Predictive Maintenance Services To A Wide Variety of Industry Clients

  • Large & small industrial sites
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Petrochemical facilities & refineries
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Aerospace industry manufacturers & parts suppliers
  • Food, beverage & agriculture facilities
  • Property management companies
  • Commercial real estate management companies
  • Hospitals & healthcare facilities
  • School boards & universities
  • Local & regional goverment agencies and utilities